Overage Pricing Exhibit

Last Updated:  8-7-23 

This Overage Pricing Exhibit (“Overage Pricing Exhibit”) is attached to and made a part of the Order Form between ATS and Customer and outlines the costs for exceeding your plan limits for usage and visitation. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions of the Order Form and the terms and conditions of this Overage Pricing Exhibit, the terms and conditions of this Overage Pricing Exhibit shall govern. Any breach of the provisions of this Overage Pricing Exhibit shall also be deemed a breach of the entire Agreement. Please note that we may update this Overage Pricing Exhibit at any time and at our sole discretion, and the latest version can be found at https://loudspot.com/contracts/overage. You are responsible for monitoring this link and being aware at all times of the most up-to-date Overage Pricing Exhibit. All capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Order Form. 

At ATS, our pricing plans have a predetermined number of “visits” allocated each month. We want to set clear expectations for our customers and emphasize that we do not offer “unlimited” visitors. Instead, we strive to provide reliable service to our valued ATS customers. 

We never restrict or suspend our customers’ sites for experiencing a surge in traffic. We believe that traffic spikes can be beneficial for your website, and we are committed to supporting your success as your trusted partner. 

If the number of visits to your site exceeds your plan limit (you can learn how we count visits here [link]), we charge a nominal overage fee for every additional 1,000 visitors beyond your limit. Customers on the Startup, Professional, Growth, or Scale plans will incur an overage cost of $2 per 1,000 extra monthly visitors. 

For instance, suppose you are on a Startup plan and your product is featured on Shark Tank, resulting in your site serving 10,000 visitors over your plan limit. In this scenario, you will see an overage charge of $20 on your bill. This pricing model ensures that your website can handle increased traffic without straining your budget. 

Understanding Log Analysis

The Log Analysis report provides an overview of the traffic to your site according to ATS’s definition of a visitor. This report details the different types of traffic, including normal visitors, bots, feeds, and static visits. Additionally, it offers insights into the top URLs for each visitor type. 

Discrepancies with Google Analytics 

We understand that there may be variations between the traffic we report and the data provided by your analytics provider (such as Google or Clicky). This is a common occurrence, and we are here to clarify. For example, Google Analytics does not count pages without Google Analytics tracking code (e.g., /ATS-admin/), visitors who do not run JavaScript or use ad blockers, pages that do not fully load, and non-HTML pages (such as RSS feeds or hot-linked images). 

It’s important to note that multiple hits from a single IP address within a 24-hour period are considered as “a single visit” and count towards your plan’s visit allocation. Page views triggered by a “bot” do not count as visits. You can learn more about how ATS counts visits on our website [link]. 

Consistently Exceeding Plan Limits 

As your site grows, the aim is to attract more visitors, which may lead to outgrowing your initial plan at ATS. If your site consistently exceeds your plan limits by a small margin, you will simply incur overage charges. However, once your monthly visitors reach a certain level, it may be more beneficial to upgrade to the next plan. 

Upgrading Your Plan 

To upgrade your plan, you can easily do so by sending an email to your Account Manager. Please provide the details of the plan you would like to upgrade to, your preferred billing frequency (monthly or annually), and include your Support PIN. We will then proceed with upgrading your plan accordingly. 

Billing for Overage Charges 

The overage charges will be billed to the card on file on your monthly due date (the day of the month when your account was set up). If you have prepaid for a full year, you will still be charged monthly for any overages. After the charge, you will receive an invoice for payment. 

On an Annual Payment Plan 

If you are on an annual payment plan, you will only receive a single charge per year for your subscription. However, regardless of your subscription interval, you are allotted a specific number of visitors per month. Therefore, you will receive a monthly bill for any visitor overages incurred in the previous month.

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